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1-Original Cittern William Gibson Dublin 1761 €10000
Made in no 6 Grafton Street Dublin in 1761, it is the oldest surviving Cittern or guittar in the world from this maker, many of his instruments survive to this day but only 3 of this large D tuning model are in the Museum in Colins barracks Dublin, it has the earliest form of machine heads invented in Ireland according to Jeremy Montague who i met in NRI in Manchester, still working and similar to the machines as used today,this is the only one of the long string length availible for sale now and not in a museum,the only other instrument by this maker the same size is or was in the now closed instrument section of the Victoria and Albert Museum,A copy of this instrument can be made by me for 2200 basic model to 4000 for an exact replica,Want to order one like this, then e-mail me at or phone 00353 91 566948 or cellphone 0892126744 The museum has a few Gibsons with different setups and interesting features,[more]
2-Harp Guitar Austria c1890............FOR SALE NOW€1500
made in Austria in the 1870's and with an unusual carved top but flat on the outside it varies in thickness,, FOR SALE NOW [more]
3-Harp Guitar c1870 ..........FOR SALE NOW €1200
Austrian early harp guitar, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, spruce front 6 strings and 3 sub bass strings, in full playing order,paypal adress or phone 00353, 091 566948 mobile 0862704639[more]
4-Converted 3 to 4 str Bass c1836...FOR SALE NOW€4500
Old pre 1835 3 string bass converted to a 4 string, under restoration,[more]
5-19cViolin Sebastian Vuillaume, FOR SALE NOW€3500
labelled Sebastian Vuillaume, Maggini model double purfled, not the usual heavy type but light weight,[more]
6-French Accordeon 1837........ FOR SALE NOW€850
sadly beyond restoration unless many hours available but all the parts here[more]
7-German Concertina 1882.......FOR SALE NOW€575
Old inlaid German concertina in need of restoration in original box[more]
10-Italian Violin Cremona ...............Sold€5500
Made by Cremona luthier in 2009 its not an antique but is a great sound nevertheless,[more]
11-Cittern 1781 Longman & Broderip......... Sold€2800
English made,, stamped Longman and Broderip Cheapside and Haymarket London. most certainly made by John Preston as longman were only dealers, in good condition and recently refurbished, flamed maple back and sides, spruce top, brass soundhole insert stamped with lyre player, watch key mechanics,TO SEE MY EXTENSIVE LIST OF ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTS I HAVE EXAMINED AND CAN MAKE COPIES OF FOR MODERN STRINGING OR ORIGINAL BRASS STRINGS SEE OTHERS PAGE[more]
12-Mandolin Taropatch c1920...........Sold€400
unusual outline mandolin, I saw one in a magazine in the hands of Denis Waterman the actor and bought this one when i saw it, its a ugly or beautiful depending on taste, in my opinion the neck should be on the bottom,[more]
15-Stainer Violin................... sold€1950
Nice old violin labelled Stainer, Dark brown varnish on light curl maple, barbers pole border on the edge TO VIEW ANY OF THE PHOTO'S LARGER, RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE ZOOM IN, YOU CAN MOVE AROUND WITH THE MOUSE TO ANY PART OF THE PHOTO.[more]
Restoring old instruments for playing or just to keep them tidy looking for museums or in a home is a large part of an instrumen makers work,here are some i did over the years,I try to keep them in their own catagory so look at the bottom of each page for an instrument of your choice[more]
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